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GeeXboX….a must try !!

December 25, 2006



Wanna convert your PC into a media center PC ?? And that too with minimum loads ? With minimum space utilization ?? Dont feel let down even if have a whopping 64 MB of RAM installed 😛 😛 …..these users can read furthur..then one should definitely give GeeXboX a try.

GeeXboX is linux distro and answer to Microsoft’s Windows Media Center edition and unlike WMC, this is a live version, so its quite handy.Just download GeeXboX’s iso (as large as 8 MB, even dialup users can think of it :D), burn it to ur disc , boot up using that disc and ur done in minutes…this is simply mindblowing.

* System requirements *

x86 Pentium-Class CPU or above (P2-400 should be quite enough) or Macintosh NewWorld G3 (G4 highly recommended).
* at least 64 MB of RAM.
* CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
* Motherboard which supports booting on CD-ROM.

You can even add ur own skins , add codecs , configure speaker setup, calibrate the controls on a remote and build ur custom iso using the iso builder provided. It worked without any hassles for me…i cud browse all the files on my hard disk , and it easily detected my thumb drive and i cud play the songs on thumb drive in seconds. And if your motherboard supports booting from USB devices then you can even install GeeXboX on ur thumb drives or mp3 players..and watch DvD movies , play songs anywhere…

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