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Gunz online

January 21, 2007

The duel

Of late , i have started playing this MMOTPS (Massive Multiplayer online Third person shooter). This is really a coool game with lots of action…..and the best part of it is , its free to play and unlike other MMOG’s , this game shall remain free forever….I heard this is an addictive game, though i m just a casual gamer , and nothing cud make me addicted except for Quake. I would definitely be comparing this game with quake. And my biased mentality again says quake rulzzzz. You have to punch and hit lotta keys to master excessively to render ur keyboard useless after excessive gameplay. But this game has an excellent blend of online as well as third person gameplay..It has got international as well as Indian version.Indian version can yield a little laggless gameplay though some of them lag so miserably as if they were on dial-up.

Overall, this is a good timepass and can run on low end systems also (it ran on my celeron 1.7 with 256 RAM :P). One should definitely give it a try.

Download this game

Home page


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  1. गौरव permalink

    MMOTPS= Massive Multiplayer online Third person shooter

    not “Massive Multimedia online Third person shooter”


  2. Thanks for pointing out…:)

  3. Eddy Wu Chaney permalink

    Gunz Online Private servers are amazingly fun!

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