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Get paid for doing nothing ????

March 19, 2007

             A new service is up named Agloco . It claims that you can earn money by doing nothing….sounds funny. All you have to do is download their Viewbar. Viewbar is a strip like taskbar that displays various ads and the ads keep on changing after regular intervals. You don’t need to click them, u just need to have the Viewbar installed on your system and one should run it for 4-5 hrs on an average monthly. Sounds interesting, but the Viewbar is not yet released . Will have to wait and see if this service really works. The site reports that the Viewbar is not at all a spyware .

Registrations have already started and you can register yourself. This service also works on referral system. The more referrers you get , the more you earn . There are different schemes for direct and indirect referrers. Check out there home page and also the referral system . If your gonna be registering , then use my referral ID : BBBZ9970 🙂

Home Page


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  1. Its funny indeed, so how does the cash vary? With time? What if I do a second extra than there is in a month? 😀

  2. The site says , initially , you can use the Viewbar for max 5 hours…thats the limit , you cant use it for more then this.

    And about cash , all depends on the number of referrers. The more you have , the more you get. So people in your network should utilize the max time to get max money.

    Here’s a link for the money calculator , it will calculate the amount you can earn in a month. :

  3. lemoine permalink

    this whole sond cind of funny to me but i am cool with it geting paid for doing nothing long its not a scame we are good all i got to say is were do i start

  4. I don’t think this whole thing is true

  5. Pratik powar permalink

    Help to earn money

  6. well, sometimes it is difficult to earn a good deal of money in a short amount of time”.,

  7. Sam's Marketing P.O.Box, 1212, Jackson, TN 38302 permalink

    I have a great program you get paid $200 over and over again for doing nothing. For Free details send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:-Sam’s Marketing P.O.Box 1212, Jackson, TN 38302 USA

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