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March 20, 2007

                   VNC – Virtual Network Computing . This is a remote desktoping application that runs over variety of platforms – thats the advantage. So you can work with Windows- Mac , Mac- Linux or even Windows- Linux  and some more too. This soft has helped me greatly in pathetic times , specially when comp was hit with virus. It can run on LAN as well , so it works with Hamachi . This soft has got a basic and an enterprise edition. Some  features like encryption, extra security etc. have been added in the enterprise version. Its just so easy – one of your friend starts the server , while the other views it. So far , the best remote desktoping application i have came across.

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  1. sreekumar permalink

    how we use vnc through a router,,,, my router ip is 192 series and i dont know the isp ip
    how to resolve……i cannot portfroward the router caz router has no option…am using a billion router and connection is a local isp

  2. You need to have your router to be connected through bridge mode. Otherwise just typing in that 192.168….. IP wont work. Or there’s one more way , simply use VNC over Hamachi. Hamachi assigns a new IP to your connection. Get connected through Hamachi and then ask your friend to type in the Hamachi IP in the VNC viewer.

    Note: Both the server and the viewer should be connected through Hamachi

    Or change your router settings to bridge mode ( you need to create a dialer to connect to the net , just like dial up).

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