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Old dial-up days…..

April 6, 2007

        My broadband connection works blazingly fast , a whopping 1.5 Mbps feasible in my area ( Yes !! a whopping for me atleast). My speeds were miserably down in meanwhile and now me starts downloading stuff from Rapidshare @ a whopping for 3 KBps :P. Suddenly , i recalled those dial-up days , with 3-4 KBps downloading speeds ( they were considered to be gr8), and some largest files i had ever downloaded were sized 16 MB , and that too in 5-6 days. Early to bed and early to rise was the moto , get up early and download stuff . No day-times , since the phone cable didnt work in split mode those days . And ya , those days were glorious, coz most of the time was spent either playing outside or studying and not more then an hour was spent listening to songs , quaking and a bit of foruming and social networking.

The day Broadband was introduced , i did go nuts and crazy bout it ( everyone did !! ) , and almost kinda addicted to MMOTPS and all sorts of internet activities. Sitting glued to the screen till late nights , struggle to get up early , insufficient sleeps and etc….the bad cycle continues and then fail to concentrate in studies . Result ?? No gains , and only pains . I wish, i was still a dial – up user, and i want to be – to live a happy and a long lasting life.


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  1. That’s a true thing. I also had a Dialup b4 DSL. Visit my site. If wish to bcome an author of my blog @ the site above, contact me.

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