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Gangnam Style !

January 31, 2013

Gangnam Style ! What the hell ! I have seen this video going viral over the internet and people all around me talking about it. So, I finally decided to check it out to see what the fuss is all about. Looks like , this is just another Kolaveri-Di phenomenon 😀 

I feel the video is crap ! Nothing spectacular – dance or music. What is so good about this video ? Why are people so much obsessed about it ? Just because of popularity ? Or do they really like it ? I am totally clueless as to why this video has a billion hits on YouTube. They say the music is catchy and the dance steps are funny. Puhlease ! I think people just start following anything that is popular whether they like it or not.

Popular is not always good and good is not always popular – This is my verdict !


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  1. Does JRoller allow advertising now? The last that I’d heard was this posting from almost 3 years ago – when it changed from FreeRoller to JRoller – which said no: Click

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