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Abba Metal : Tribute

Heard this album a few days ago ( thanks to Rapidshare [:P]  ), really awesome. Never thought those pop songs were so perfectly metalled by this group . It features some popular Abba songs…..and ya, it does give a real metal feel to these songs. But still , if your a hardcore Abba fan , then this one’s not for you. The old 1970-80 Abba is really amazing , unlike the new rock songs , these songs are unforgettable. They keep lingering in your minds. The Abba fans can really give a try. Even the non Abba fans shall be delighted to hear this music. Can check out


Creating shutdown , restart buttons on the desk

You can create these buttons on the desktop , you gotta follow this procedure :

1. Right click on the desktop > New> Shortcut.

2. A wizard shall appear.

3. In the command line , type in

shutdown -s  –to shut down your comp.

shutdown -r  -to restart you comp.

shutdown -l   -to log off.

That’s it , your done. Now you can shut down or restart your comp just by double clicking the icon.

Themes for Geexbox

Finally , themes are available for download .  You can download them either directly from iso builder or click here to download them separately.


                   VNC – Virtual Network Computing . This is a remote desktoping application that runs over variety of platforms – thats the advantage. So you can work with Windows- Mac , Mac- Linux or even Windows- Linux  and some more too. This soft has helped me greatly in pathetic times , specially when comp was hit with virus. It can run on LAN as well , so it works with Hamachi . This soft has got a basic and an enterprise edition. Some  features like encryption, extra security etc. have been added in the enterprise version. Its just so easy – one of your friend starts the server , while the other views it. So far , the best remote desktoping application i have came across.

Home page 


         I have been using this software since days and it works wonders. The concept itself is brilliant – virtual private networking i.e emulating LAN over internet. It means when you connect to your friend’s network on Hamachi , both of you are connected through LAN. Imagine everything you can do on LAN – games , file sharing , remote desktoping and anything you can do on LAN . And this great piece is sized only 895 KB . The network is excellent, works fast and great for games and file sharing. So those folks , who haven’t yet tried this , you gotta download Hamachi and try it just now..

Home Page

Download Hamachi 

Get paid for doing nothing ????

             A new service is up named Agloco . It claims that you can earn money by doing nothing….sounds funny. All you have to do is download their Viewbar. Viewbar is a strip like taskbar that displays various ads and the ads keep on changing after regular intervals. You don’t need to click them, u just need to have the Viewbar installed on your system and one should run it for 4-5 hrs on an average monthly. Sounds interesting, but the Viewbar is not yet released . Will have to wait and see if this service really works. The site reports that the Viewbar is not at all a spyware .

Registrations have already started and you can register yourself. This service also works on referral system. The more referrers you get , the more you earn . There are different schemes for direct and indirect referrers. Check out there home page and also the referral system . If your gonna be registering , then use my referral ID : BBBZ9970 🙂

Home Page

Rapidshare Premium Account

                    Q3_abhi proudly announces himself as Rapidshare premium user…….Rapidshare rulzz, there’s loads of stuff to download. I own a monthly account. I was goofed up earlier and went on buying a .de account. Sadly , is no more updated and all the new stuff is uploaded to .com . Finally mailed Rapidshare and got my money refunded so that i can get a .com account.Rapidshare hopefully refunded the money .  If u wanna download something , do tell me , i will try to give away premium links to download 🙂